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Sunday, 17 Jan 2021


HP MP490

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Canon PIXMA MP490 Do you need a compact, high-quality, stylish and versatile printer that will print great borderless photos, documents and more? The PIXMA MP490 delivers 4800 x 1200 maximum color dpi1, 2pl and the PG-210 Black and CL-211 Color FINE Ink Cartridge System for superb overall print quality.

Another key component the PIXMA MP490 prides itself on is ease of use so you can conveniently get the photo lab quality you want. The new Auto Photo Fix II software is built right into the machine and automatically corrects your images while easy viewing and editing can be done right on the 1.8” LCD. Plus, its QuickStart feature gives you faster access to printer operations once the product is on. If you want to start scanning, Auto Scan Mode automatically recognizes the type of original you are scanning and saves it with the appropriate settings. Need some copies? No problem. Dual Color Gamut Processing Technology enables your copies to maintain the integrity of the original whether a document or photo, copy-after-copy.

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